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Rowan School endeavours to create a safe, happy and supportive environment that promotes respect and understanding and encourages sensitivity to the needs of others to nurture all.


Our aim is to support children in building a secure foundation for learning and life.  We value and respect each child's individual qualities, capabilities and contributions and encourage and support them to make progress both across all aspects of their life.

We pride ourselves of working cooperatively and in partnership with parents and carers and other professionals, furthering inclusion wherever appropriate.

In supporting children, we hope to develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning and enable the children at Rowan to contribute meaningfully to society and live fulfilling, enjoyable lives.

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Thursday 14.01.21 4.30pm

Due to snow today, extremely poor road conditions and freezing temperatures forecast for tonight, SEN transport will not run tomorrow.

Rowan School will therefore be closed to pupils and staff on Friday 15th January 2021

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Building a secure foundation for learning and life

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