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Staff and pupils are feeling ‘overjoyed’ thanks to their shiny new minibus, generously funded by fine wine specialists Pieroth Wines and Friends of The Rowan School.  The special gift was presented to the on 17th October, during a fun-filled event with staff, children and parents.  We would all like to say a massive thank you to Variety and Pieroth Wines for making our dream of a new coach a reality. Pieroth Wines, along with Friends of The Rowan School funded the minibus – officially known as a Variety Sunshine Coach – in support of Variety, the Children’s Charity.

Rowan School endeavours to create a safe, happy and supportive environment that promotes respect and understanding and encourages sensitivity to the needs of others to nurture all.


Our aim is to support children in building a secure foundation for learning and life.  We value and respect each child's individual qualities, capabilities and contributions and encourage and support them to make progress both across all aspects of their life.

We pride ourselves of working cooperatively and in partnership with parents and carers and other professionals, furthering inclusion wherever appropriate.

In supporting children, we hope to develop a positive attitude to lifelong learning and enable the children at Rowan to contribute meaningfully to society and live fulfilling, enjoyable lives.

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