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At Rowan School we aim to create an environment where we employ positive methods for encouraging desired patterns of behaviour.  We recognise that all behaviours serve a function for the individual and it is our role to try to understand what that function is.

We then aim to replace any negative or inappropriate behaviours with alternative, positive and appropriate behaviours. We emphasise rewarding the positive behaviours rather than punishing or paying attention to negative behaviours.

Sometimes a child will behave in a physically challenging manner, showing aggression to other children or adults, or by damaging property.

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Under the DfES (now DfE) Circular 10/98, which describes Section 550A of the Education Act 1996, all education service staff have a duty to do all that is reasonable to safeguard and protect the children in their care.


At Rowan School all education staff have been trained on the Team Teach programme. Team Teach is a programme of behaviour management which:


  • ​trains staff to use proactive methods and positive behaviour support

  • promotes staff awareness of the needs of the person who is having behavioural difficulties

  • teaches methods of preventing crises

  • empowers staff and helps them to teach individuals to maintain self control

  • teaches staff to be competent when responding to a behaviour crisis by using approved and safe personal interventions.

Trauma Informed Approach 


At Rowan School we follow a trauma informed approach. Staff have a sound understanding of child development. A trauma informed organisation inadvertently supports all children's psychological, emotional and social development. We have 4 specially Trauma and Mental Health Informed Practitioners who deliver regular trauma informed training and support for staff. 

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