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What is Forest School? 


First developed in Scandinavia in the 1950’s, Forest School is a curriculum-based approach at encouraging children to spend more time in the outdoors and engaging with nature. Discovered and brought to England by a group of British College professors in the 1990’s, Forest School has since blossomed in the UK and has fast become a respected form of alternative education.  

At Rowan we’re always looking at new ways to enhance our students experiences and life skills, which is why we have a dedicated Forest School team who work closely with teachers to create an outdoor syllabus that compliments classroom learning. We believe that learning in the woods can help build confidence and resilience, as well as building practical skills and create a love of the natural world.  



Forest School takes place throughout the whole year, which gives us the chance to explore all the different seasons and run different types of activities. This means we can have picnics in the summer, watch the falling leaves in autumn, play with mud in the winter and see the flowers and tree's blossom in spring.  



What Happens at Forest School? 


Here is a list of just a few of the types of things we do at Forest School. All our sessions are tailored to the needs of the learner and whilst we push our students to discover their potential, we always make sure the tasks are within their ability and suitable for their learning style.  

 - fire building

- bug hunting 

- den building 

- nature art 

- tool work 



Forest School at Rowan 

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