Meeting children's needs

The school is involved in The National Strategy for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) and close attention is also given to personal and social education, health education and education for safety and life skills.

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Our teaching approaches are multi-sensory and each child has individual programmes of work, carefully planned to meet his/her needs. In planning for the specific needs of each child there is close liaison between teaching staff, speech and language therapists, parents/carers and educational psychologists to create a co-ordinated approach.

We also regularly evaluate, reflect and update to recognise and meet changing needs.

For many of our pupils visual support is key to their understanding and learning. We use whole school communication systems such as Makaton signing and rebus symbols to support and encourage speech and to help children understand information and instructions.  For more information about Makaton please click here


We also use the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to support pupils in the initiation component of communication.  PECS begins by teaching by teaching a pupil to give a picture of a desired item to a “communicative partner" and progresses to teach discrimination of pictures and in the more advanced phases using sentences answering questions and making comments.  For more information on PECS and the phases of PECS click on the icon above.


We also provide individual visual interactive timetables to establish routines, aid transition from one activity to another and to help children understand and feel safe in the school environment.

We aim to develop the ability of the children to express, understand and reflect upon their needs, feelings, experiences, ideas and choices, and to interact effectively with other people in social settings.

There are many visits outside the classroom places to such as parks, libraries, museums, shops, transport centres, etc. so that children can learn in practical ways, experience a variety of social situations and learn how to behave and interact appropriately in those settings.

For the older children there are exciting opportunities for field trips and residential holidays.

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