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Children's health

Children are weighed and measured by the Community Health team in Reception and Year 6. ​


If parents/carers wish to consult the nurse at any other time about worries or concerns over their child's health of physical development, they can either contact the head teacher to arrange an appointment at school.


The school Dental Service visits to conduct routine screening during school hours. Treatment can be arranged or parents/carers can take children to the Central Dental Clinic or their own dentist. 


The Dental Nurse works with groups of children and with individuals to encourage good dental hygiene practise.


When children are ill, we ask you to look after them at home until they are fully recovered, so that they are not distressed in school, and do not infect other children in school. If a child suffers from diarrhoea or vomiting they should be kept at home for 48 hours following the last episode.

 The Ryegate children's centre hold clinics at Rowan school three times a year. This provides an opportunity for children to be seen in clinics during the school day. In general medicines should not need to be given in school. Three times daily dosage can usually be spaced evenly so as to avoid school times, or your family doctor may adjust the medication.The continence service also offer a similar service providing an opportunity for you to meet with them in school.

In the case of children with asthma or other special medical needs, parents and carers are asked to liaise carefully with school staff to ensure suitable arrangements are made. We have procedures that outline the administration of routine medication and all parents complete forms if this is required.

Sometimes children become ill or sick at school and occasionally, in spite of supervision, accidents may occur. In such emergencies we need to be able to contact parents/carers immediately, so an emergency telephone number is always requested.

If your child is absent please inform the school by telephone, or send a message with your child's escort.​

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